Half-termly Update ~ Mr Bindon, ACE Schools

The Start of 2021

As I write this update to you, for our families, staff and partners, I was hoping to be able to say Happy New Year! What I can say is thank you. The response from everyone in the ACE community, since the Government announcing the most recent lockdown, has been phenomenal. Staff worked at great pace on Tuesday to prepare resources and learning ready to begin our offer on Wednesday. This was significantly ahead of what many others were able to offer and we have done a tremendous amount of learning as a school about what is going to work best for our young people.

Our families and pupils have stepped up in equal measures and initial engagement in learning in week one has been superb. Thank you to all of you who have been able to support us in ensuring that we can continue learning for our pupils. We are working closely with local authorities and teams that support the school to ensure that we are doing all we can during this time.

As always we greatly welcome any feedback about what is working or not working for you in these times and we will adapt and respond accordingly where we can.

Again thank you so much for all of your support and your positive words in this first week. It has been a huge effort from everyone and I hope you all stay safe and well in these continuing strange times.

Best wishes

Matt Bindon (Headteacher at ACE Schools)