ACE Schools Science Update

Fun Science at Home ~ C Miller (HoD Science)

Students all over the trust have been busy with science in the last term. They have been finding out who has the has the fastest reactions, how to make a test tube of gas go pop and which crisps have the most energy.

But science can be done anywhere. It does not stop because we cannot go to school. Lockdown has stopped lessons in schools, but we can all still have fun with experiments. I hope that some of you will try growing crystals at home using the method below. Or find an optical illusion to look at.

Salty Science 

You will need:

❋ Warm water  

❋ Salt  

❋ Large jug or container  

❋ Coloured plastic plate or shallow dish 


Put about 200ml of warm water into the jug. Stir in a large spoon of salt until you can no longer see all the grains of salt which means they have dissolved.  

Keep on stirring in salt, a spoon at a time, until you reach the point where no more salt will dissolve. 

Then pour a small amount onto a flat coloured plate or tray and leave the plate somewhere warm.  

What do see over the next few days? 

Take a picture and show your teacher. 

Or try this optical illusion:

The Light Bulb 

Stare closely at this light bulb for 25 seconds. Then immediately stare at a white wall or sheet of paper. What do you see? 

Remember to go for a walk each day for the sunshine and look at the nature around you. The first spring flowers are starting, the days are getting longer. This is all science.