ACE Schools Maths Update

Mathematics wherever you are ~ K Gladstone-Smith, HoD Maths (ACE Schools) 

Before the lockdown, students across the trust were writing maths on tables.

Problem solving inside and outside the classroom:


And completing maths jigsaw puzzles:


Despite a lot of us not being able to go into school, lots of maths learning is still happening. Mathematics can be learnt everywhere!

We’ve got lots of students taking part in remote lessons on their phones and laptops, competitive quizzes, amazing work getting delivered back to school and lots of imaginative tasks that allow us to explore the mathematical world around us. Here are two for you to try.


As spring approaches look carefully at the flowers.

Count the number of petals.

Do you get any of these numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…?

These are called Fibonacci numbers.

They are an example of where mathematics can be found in the world around us.


If the wet weather keeps you inside, you can find plenty of mathematics in your home.

See if you can find an object that fits each of these descriptions:

  1. It’s a cube.
  2. It has a circle on it.
  3. Has a line of symmetry.
  4. Has a date on it.
  5. Contains an even number of straight lines.

We miss seeing everyone at school but take this opportunity to explore the mathematics around you. Who knows what you might discover?