PASS Survey Update - ACE Schools

By Mr Morahan 

On Friday 18th June I completed a whole staff training session to introduce staff to the PASS (pupil attitudes to self and school) survey. PASS is a nationally benchmarked psychometric assessment for pupils aged 4 - 18+ years. It is designed to help schools understand pupils’ mindsets and if they are confident, ready and motivated to learn. It measures pupils’ attitudes to learning by focusing on nine standardised factors proven to be linked to key educational goals. These factors are: feelings about school, perceived learning capability, self regard, preparedness for learning, attitudes to teachers, general work ethic, confidence in learning, attitudes to attendance and response to curriculum demands. During February of this year a pilot study was completed with 8 pupils from Bretonside and Public Place Tuition. This was useful in helping shape a plan of how the survey would be delivered and the types of data we could expect to gain from it. Our first testing window will commence in June/July 2021 with PASS interventions going live in September 2021. Pupils will complete the PASS survey twice a year.