Faye, 7, raises £1150 for hospital and school

Faye, 7, has raised £1150 for the school and play specialists at Derriford Hospital, part of the education service provided by ACE Schools - part of Transforming Futures Trust

Faye has had to spend time in hospital and wanted to raise money to say thank you for the help and support she had received. As well as the excellent care from the hospital staff, Faye really enjoyed the classroom activities. This all started when she wanted to provide some good glue sticks for the children to use on the ward after the one she had used hadn’t stuck very well! This soon grew into providing enough funds to purchase lots of resources and equipment for both the play team and Ace team who provide the education in the hospital. Kate Rundle is the Hospital Education Facilitator, a trained teacher who provides educational activities for all children who find themselves in Derriford. She said: “We know that children and young people like having a routine, and don’t want to get behind with their school work, so we have a specially equipped classroom and I try to make sure all ages are catered for.” “Faye’s family and friends asked how they could help and decided to raise money for the school and the play specialists. I spent our share of the money on books that the children had requested, some educational games, science equipment and lots of arts and crafts materials.” Faye’s mum, Christina said: “Faye says she wanted to raise money for the school because she enjoys playing games with you and wanted to do something nice to help the school. I also think school budgets are so tight that money has a long way to go in buying resources. And as a hospital school you enrich so many young lives whilst they go through illnesses that we wanted to help in some way. Transforming Futures Trust are specialists at providing education that is flexible, supportive, and focussed for young people who are currently unable to attend their mainstream schools. They provide an education service alongside the hospital teams, so that it is a whole team approach.

Gavin Gracie, Chief Executive of Transforming Futures Trust said, “Kate does an excellent job helping children who attend the school provision at Derriford. For Faye and her family to make this fantastic generous gesture, really means a lot.”