Careers and Employability Update ~ ACE Schools

by R Bertram (Careers Lead)

This year has been a challenge when supporting our young people in their Career development, with access to employers and colleges being restricted due COVID guidelines.  We have therefore focussed on supporting our students by using and registering them with online services which they can also access from home.  We have supported Key Stage 3 and 4 students to register and create their own account with Careerpilot, (insert link here) a platform which allows students to build a profile of their qualifications, interests and skills, leading them to discover relevant courses, apprenticeships and training opportunities in key sectors and subject areas at Post-16.  Parents and carers also have access to the ‘Parent Zone’ where information can be found about a whole range of topics, where your questions are answered in areas from local Labour Market Information to Funding and support available to students. 

This year has also seen us launch, develop and embed the Skills Builder Framework at ACE (insert link here please) where students have been encouraged to explore the development of Essential Skills within PSHE, LOTC and across the wider curriculum.  Teaching and Learning has always included the development of skills, as well as academic content.  The Skills Builder Framework allows us to be explicit about the teaching of these Essential Skills in lessons, encouraging students to appreciate the skills they already have, as well as build on those they need to develop further.  Students across all Key Stages and bases have engaged well, understanding that their education is not purely about achieving qualifications but that it is also about gaining essential skills for the workplace and their adult lives, both in the classroom as well as in LOTC, to enhance skills required when out in the community.  Students are beginning to understand and make connections between their classroom learning and the wider world.  We are proud to share that we have achieved a Silver Award in Skills Builder at ACE this year and will be working towards achieving the Gold Award next year, continuing to embed the teaching of Essential Skills across the whole of the ACE curriculum.